We are starting to recover from the shock. We are now aware of what it is, we know the effects of Covid19, unfortunately on our health, but also on the effects on the way we work. In Spain there are hundreds of thousands or millions who are working remotely and many others who are helping us by working in person (thank you, of course). And this, or something similar, is going to be the new normal.

Plans and actions for coping now. Have we done it yet?

In the field of people management, five weeks of lockdown are enough to clean our wounds and to have created and begun to deploy plans and actions for coping. Have we done it yet? If we haven’t, it’s a little late, but we still have time. Because the sure thing is that they are going to demand them from us.

Protection motivation theory explains

Protective motivation theory proposes that people protect themselves based on four factors: perceived severity, perceived probability of occurrence, effectiveness of recommended preventive behavior, and perceived self-efficacy. We know, we are aware of the severity of Covid19. The coping appraisal is how you respond to the situation. and this consists of both efficacy and self-efficacy. We realize that by improving efficient responses and lowering adaptive response costs we can increase the coping appraisal.

Have we taken clear actions to protect our people in the new normality of work?

There are already a lot of companies that are starting to launch surveys about how the people on their teams are.

For example, if you are going to ask about Employee Health & Well-Being, Collaboration, Resources & ProcessesFlexibilityWorkplace Health & SafetyCommunication, Manager Support and Overall Evaluation you can contact  CultureIQ, they have guidance and tools to help you reduce business risks from the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

Or you can check Trust, Creativity, Collaboration, Social Connection and Psychological Safety from BE Works.

Maybe from Culture Amp you want to identify action plans about Confidence, Leadership, Communication, Policy, Business Continuity, Role Enablement, Fairness, Management and Support.

Another idea, from Survey Monkey’s experience, is their collecting team information about Working from Home, Anxiety, Communication, Confidence and Leadership.

And, in the end, if you have read this far, if you are responsible  for the people in your company, if you want to do a survey about how people are, if you have not yet put in place any plan for coping with the new situation generated by the pandemic, you still have time. Do it!