Everybody has de right to disconnect. Whay then can´t we stop shecking our emails? Dopamine, herding, present bias, regret… can all be reasons for our constant connectivity.

The world of work is constantly being changed by digital technologies. Bahavioral patterns, the traditional workplace itself doesn´t always exist. Employees are more and more connected outside work hours. The line between profesional and personal life is tenuous, work hours are not necessarily continuous. There are inappropriate habits of course, in some companies, which is way a law has been implemented in France that defends the right to disconnect. Companies therefore will be obliged to implement regulation in the digital tolos. These mesures are aimed at guarenteeing rest periode and free time along with worklife balance.

So what does disconnecting in this law means? No obligation to respond to emails outside office hours, nor be connected to work applications, to be trained in the risks of permanent connection.

In France 37% of active professionals use work related digital tolos out of hours, according to a survey by ELEAS (september 2016). In all likelihood this verified reality is what has generated the deployment of the new rule.

Why then can´t we stop checking our emails? Oops!

  • The Dopamine effect.
  • Behavioral Science also gives reasons for intervention:
    • Herd behavior, or not being connected to my peer group.
    • Present bias, we like to have our todo lists done. In order to achive this, email is a complicated friend, although only 10 % of our inbox requires our immediate attention.
    • Habit and the survival instinct which leads us to “be connected” sometimes in a not completely rational way. It can be based on biases such as: regret aversion, exhaustion of self, etc.

Ideas42 is a company that works on different projects that want to help social problems. For example, accomplishing ‘healthy work’ by applying the latest knowledge of the investigation into human behavior. In their own experience, ideas42 found that, being a group of people informed about human behavior, several timely reminders were made in the days leading up to the closure of the office at Christmas, and yet in general, over the holiday periods, they were not completely disconnected with emails. However, the fact that the team had a very low email volume, can be received as a small win. It is also important to say that the server was not completely shut down, people were relied upon as to whether they needed to be working.

In a complementary way we live different distractions that compete for our attention in our work activity: whatsapp, surfing Facebook or Twitter, surfing the internet … Other Oops!

Again, most likely, the same reasons for connectivity: dopamine, herding, present biases, repentance … should be the same reasons now in our working time and with the connectivity of our private life .. It will be interesting for all of us to introduce some changes in our behaviors and habits.

A good decision will undoubtedly be living in the here and now.


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