Nothing to worry about and plenty to enjoy!

“An all inclusive vacations is travel travel as it’s meant to be: nothing to worry about and plenty to enjoy, all day and all night”. That’s right! That’s what we like. We won’t to get shocked by hidden fees on check-out. follow this post “pain of paying”.

When we seek to discover our destiny on a trip, we pursue new ways of life or we expect existential answers, we want to feel ourselves, we want to know our identitiy, we look for our own history in our trip, we are travelers and not tourists. Nothing of that happens on an “all inclusive” and prepaid trip. Once on the trip, inside the hotel we are all the same, the bracelet its the only currency with which we will look for our supplies at the bar, in the restaurants, drinks bar in the poools, activities, guided tours…

Although many detest them, there are those who found their solution in them, they have discovered to get the excitement from the concrete offer, sacrificing the individual transcendental search. The purpose of the citizen “all inclusive” lies, precisely, in not caring about anything except immediate happiness.

But take note, the best payment plan is payment in advance!

When we think about the method of payment we usually do it in terms of risk, commissions, comfort, etc. But what about our experience as a client, our enjoyment on our vacations? Dan Ariely explains it very well in his book “Dollar and Sense”.

Dealyment payment, when we plan to pay an amount in the future it hurts less abnd the farther it is the less it hurts. Several studies have shown that we are willing to pay more when we do it with credit card and, in addition, purcharses are larger.

Payment at the time of consumption, paying for things while we consume them makes us more aware that we are paying for them and decreases the pleasure of their consumption.

Payment in advance, most of us enjoy paying in advance more. We enjoy our experience more as a client, in this case in our holiday experience. We do not like to pay at the time of consumption, we do not want to ask ourselves questions like, how much am I enjoying this? Is it worth paying what I am now paying? In our mental account the prepayment is already paid, the moment of consumption is disconnected from the time of payment. It would seem that it is not our money and we feel les guilty.

But what would happen if everything seemed free to us? What is free always has a price. And it’s not the title of a film. We would like the forms of payment of the future to reduce the pain of paying but, at the same time, they offer us possibilities of payment with a good reflection and reasonableness.